Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sucker Punch

You don't exactly feel good after watching a bad movie. Its like the feeling you get when your blind date turns out to be a 70 year old big breasted bimbo. Especially when your friends who hooked you up for the epic fail had since long been hyping things up. Sucker Punch is not different.

It is just another brick in the wall.

First of all, it is supposed to be an action movie. You would want at least 30 minutes of action in a 109 minutes movie. Even Die Hard had about 44 minutes of action. But it turns out that the movie has just 20 minutes of action sequences. So what about the rest of the movie? The rest 89 minutes of the movie is the plot. And the plot, like in all commercial action flicks, is as much as zip, zilch, nada.

Secondly, as for the visuals and the effects, they are not what the trailers promised. I thought they might be subzero, but tch. There are scenes where one with a keen eye might go Hey! That looked fake! I was disappointed. I would say the effects and all were nothing more than theek thaak. Lets face it. Chicks with guns and swords is a bit cliché now. Snyder ain't Tarantino and this ain't Kill Bill.

One thing I liked though is all the metaphorical comparisons the movie has, between actual people and the things that the Femme Fatales fight in the virtual world. Its almost fairy tale like. Well, for instance, there's this fat slob of a chef that the girls have a beef with and so they fight him in the virtual world. Just that he's not who they fight, but his virtual projection – robots. Because he has a mechanical job and such. Funky, right?

All in all, its just another try by a successful director at some hi-fundu stuff. Like Transformers II, which was a major disaster. The direction is decent, with a lot of stylish slow-mo which is not hard to expect from Snyder. The soundtrack is brilliant, with well chosen powerful hits fitting each scenario. The Bee suggests you wait till the HD comes out. If you still can't wait and want to watch this movie in a theater, The Bee thinks you have a lot of money. Buy some honey from the money, honey?

This could've been a better flick. But ah, well.

Direction : 4 buzzes.
Soundtrack : 4.5 buzzes.
Acting : 3 buzzes.
Effects : 3.5 buzzes.
Action : 3 buzzes. - Just 20 minutes? I wanted more!

The Bee gives it 3 buzzes.

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